A Doxology of the Knowing God

O’God I heard Berkeley once say

Esse est percipi

To be is to be perceived

Above us an abstract concept seems

Deep down every hearts’ dreams

To know and be known

That is what we wish

To be remembered not forgotten

To reside not be lost

And neither to be missed

In the vicissitudes of time

In the abysses of the sea

In the shadows of the mind

You are still yet with me

You watch our going out

And you see our coming in

Form us in our innermost

We go forth without boast

Bodies of ashes

To ashes we return

Dust to dust

Foxes have holes

And birds have nests

Lilies dance in fields

But humans forget

Your favor and yields

Remember us Lord

We are fickle and we forget

Yet not one of our hairs fall

To the ground

Without you ever being around

Remember us and make us

Like the birds of the air

Like the lilies of the field

Let us know in your son

The grace of knowing you

That rest is won

Give us silence

Obedience and joy

And empty us of our ploy

Though a tree falls

In the woods

No one’s around

It resounds loudly

Because you are its ground

Ground of being

Omniscient one

We ask this in your son

Your kingdom come

Your will be done

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